Job description:

1. Familiar with wastewater treatment process, responsible for an entire design of wastewater treatment project independently;

2. Familiar with physical and biological treatment technology & AOP, knowing of zero liquid discharge technology will be added advantage;

3. Responsible for producing engineering and design deliverable necessary for project execution and proposals, while ensuring conformance to code, and work instruction in wastewater treatment, including the selection of main equipment, construction drawing design, process control, P&ID, etc;

4. Other routine work assigned by superiors;

Job requirements:

1. Major in water supply and drainage or environmental engineering, junior college degree or above (Technical secondary school or above with rich engineering experience works also)

2. Rich in design experience, more than two years of working experience in environmental engineering company or sewage treatment plant, experienced in installation and commissioning is preferred.

3. Able to travel.

4. Have strong coordinating, interpersonal abilities and communicating skills.

5. Familiar with AUTOCAD and other drawing software;

Demand: one.