Job description:

1.Provide technical support for water treatment project,mainly including the technical docking,process planning, equipment installation and commissioning and checking, operator training and others.

真人游戏平台2.Collect relevant technical information on the site, offer suggestions on site process and equipment improvement and summarize technical matters.

真人游戏平台3. Provide site technical services, process orders related technical issues, provide answers to clients’ technical questions on a daily basis.

真人游戏平台4. Treat and solve daily after sales technical problems, provide technical support on circulating water, sewage, neutral water and other systems.

5. Other temporary tasks arranged by leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in water supply and drainage, water treatment, environmental engineering, at least 3 years of experience;

2. R & D experience in research institute / design institute / large environmental protection company and environmental engineering intermediate engineer certificate are preferred;

真人游戏平台3. Experience in water treatment, civil engineering, water supply and drainage related work is preferred; Familiar with electrically controlled electrical equipment and mechanical equipment and equipped with electrician certificate is preferred;

真人游戏平台4. Must have certain AUTOCAD drawing foundation, can design process flow chart, plane layout plan, construction drawing and other design drawings;

5. familiar with office software, able to make technical plans, tenders, operation manuals, exchange power point and other documents;

6. Responsible, team-oriented and able to travel for short-term projects.


真人游戏平台For those who are highly capable and well experienced, academic requirements and other rigid requirements can be properly relaxed.