Service Description:

After the membrane system equipment is operated for a certain period of time, including pre-treatment sand filter, carbon filter, ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, etc., the amount of water that passes through will naturally form fouling, although the pretreatment equipment has manual or automatic backwash function. Thats why chemicals must be applied to remove these buildups to retain efficiency. Membrane system cleaning includes off-line cleaning and on-line cleaning.

Product Details:


List of Agents


Pure Water and

Water Agent

WD700 RO membrane Special Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibition

WD701 RO System Pre-Treatment ST Flocculant


WD-705A RO membrane Cleaning Agent

RO membrane cleaning

WD-705B RO Membrane Cleaning Agent

RO membrane cleaning

WD-705C Ultrafiltration Membrane Cleaner

Ultrafiltration membrane cleaning

WD7011 Film Special Fungicide