Service Description:

The cooling circulating water system uses water as a cooling medium that can be recycled to save on cost. It is mainly composed of cooling equipment, water pumps and pipes. Our company has extensive experience in the cleaning of various types of cooling towers, such as industrial cooling tower algae slime cleaning, cooling tower packing scale cleaning, etc. The professional cleaning methods and cleaning agents are applied. After the cooling tower is cleaned, the slime and dirt buildup is eliminated. This is done to prolong the service life of the cooling towers, and greatly enhance the heat transfer effect. In addition to professional cleaning and cooling water towers, our company also recycles the water.

Product Details:


List of Agents


Circulating Water Agent

WD103 "Environmentally Friendly" Cooling System Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

Open system corrosion and scale inhibition

WD201 "Environmentally Friendly" Closed System Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor

Closed system corrosion and scale inhibition

WD501 Dirt Cleaning Agent

Open system cleaning

WD502 Closed System Cleaner

Closed system cleaning

WD601 High Performance Prefilming Agent

Open system pre-film

WD602 Closed System Efficient Pre-filming Agent

Closed system pre-film

WD306A Environmentally Friendly Biocide

Sterilization, algae killing

WD306B Germicide Algaecide

Sterilization, algae killing