Based on the principle of physical separation, waste water is treated through the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane to purify the wastewater and concentrate the pollutants (especially salt). The integrated evaporation treatment technology can provide customers with pure water and ultra-pure water, and zero discharge of wastewater treatment.


  • Multi-media filtration technology: Using sand, activated carbon and other high specific surface area fillers to efficiently remove suspended solids and COD in wastewater.

  • Membrane process technology (MF/UF/NF/RO/STRO/ED/EDI): Separation and concentration of wastewater using membranes of different pore sizes and methods can effectively realize the reuse of water resources. Pure water ultrapure water Preparation and concentration of salt in wastewater.

  • Mechanical Steam Recompression Evaporation (MVR): A new generation of energy-saving evaporation technology that utilizes secondary re-compression of evaporation to further circulate heated evaporation to provide customers with liquid zero-emissions services.