Sludge treatment costs account for an important proportion of the entire wastewater treatment system and wastewater treatment costs. Dewatering the sludge produced by the wastewater system (water content >80%) can effectively reduce the final sludge volume (moisture content ~30%). In order to reduce the cost of sludge treatment for customers one of the following systems needs to be implemented:

  • Helical dewatering device (NSP): The Nijhuis sludge dewatering device in the Netherlands has the characteristics of fast dewatering rate and small floor space, which can effectively separate the sludge and reduce the load of subsequent sludge reduction.

  • Sludge high pressure filter press: The process of plate frame or elastic pressing, pressurization and dehydration of sludge based on high pressure process can reduce the water content in sludge to 60%

  • Low-temperature sludge drying equipment: Using the principle of low-temperature condensation and low-temperature waste heat drying, the sludge can be reduced. The capacity can be reduced by more than 40%, the weight can be reduced by more than 70%, and the low-temperature full-enclosed model can be used. , Odorless spillover, The system can save a lot of subsequent processing costs for customers

  • Sludge drug conditioning system: According to the characteristics of the sludge, priority selection of targeted chemical agents, conditioning the sludge, improve the crushing characteristics of the sludge, and improve the processing efficiency of subsequent equipment