Aspirations of Sludge Dryer Features:



Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

1. Using low-temperature condensing and drying methods, 80% wet mud per ton is dried to 30%, the main equipment power consumption is 200kw.h, the transmission system power consumption is 30 kw.h, and the integrated power consumption is 230 kw.h;

2. Weight reduction of more than 60% can save a lot of late transportation costs;

3. There is no loss of organic components during the drying process, and the heat value of dry materials is high. Finally, the sludge particles can be blended with fuels, incineration power generation, construction materials, biofuels, etc.

4. Using the low-temperature, fully-enclosed drying mode, no odor gas spills, no need to install complex deodorizing devices;

5. Using low-temperature drying process, the precipitation of H2S and NH3 is greatly reduced;

6. Simple (or direct) disposal of condensate (sludge water) to save the cost of condensate treatment in the drying process.

Safe and Stable

1. The system is safe to operate without any hidden danger of explosion. A dangerous gas detection device can be installed for organic sludge and automatic nitrogen filling can be performed.

2. Oxygen content <12% in sludge drying process; dust concentration <60g/m3; particle temperature <70°C;

3. The sludge is statically distributed, and there is no mechanical static friction with the contact surface;

4. Dry material is granular, no dust danger;

5. Low temperature (<50 °C), no cooling, direct storage;

6. No urban sludge drying process "glue phase" stage (about 60%).

Easy to Install

1. Without complicated civil structure and infrastructure, save on civil construction costs;

2. The equipment is simple to install, installation, debugging cycle is short;

3. Modular structure design, load adjustment ability, simple installation, easy installation;

4. Can be installed in the basement, saving land area.

Human-machine Intelligence

1. High degree of automation, saving labor costs;

2. PLC + touch screen intelligent control, remote control can be achieved;

3. Dry material moisture content is adjustable, range (10% -50%);

4. The transmission and feeding motors adopt variable frequency stepless speed regulation and are suitable for dry material adjustment with different moisture content (10-50%).

Innovative Application

1. Using low-temperature condensation, low-temperature waste heat design, wider scope and more energy-saving;

2. Using the heat cycle design, saving cooling + heating process heat loss;

3. Independent layered air distribution system, three-layer belt conveyor, to meet the requirements of rapid dewatering of wet mud, low-temperature drying cycle;

4. Fully implement the "reduction, stabilization, harmlessness, and resource" treatment of sludge;

5. 85 °C below the low temperature drying process, can be suitable for moisture content of 83% -50% of the pharmaceutical, living, printing and dyeing, paper, electroplating, chemical, automotive, leather and other types of sludge drying;

6. The daily processing capacity of a single drying line can reach 100 tons (80% water cut mud cake), which can be suitable for sludge dispersion or centralized treatment mode;

7. On-board equipment, portable processing, and enterprises with less sludge can provide single-site service;

8. The transmission system uses high corrosion resistant stainless steel materials, heat exchangers using electroplating anti-corrosion treatment, the operation process of mechanical wear is small, the service life of more than 15 years;

9. Easy to damage, easy to replace the parts easily.