Working Principle:

Reverse osmosis is also known as (RO). By increasing the pressure of water, pure water molecules pass through (RO) membranes, and other components larger than water molecules are trapped (including metal ion salts, etc.), thus producing pure water. The (RO) pure water device has certain requirements for the quality of the incoming water (raw water), and the necessary pretreatment (sand charcoal filtering, softening, precision filtration, etc.) that is required for it. According to the water quality requirements of the purified water, a mixed bed or EDI module can be configured. This will further desalt and increase the purity of the water produced. (The production of water quality and water requirements, can be customized)


Electronic industry water

Integrated circuits, silicon wafers, display tubes and other electronic components flush water

Pharmaceutical industry water

Infusions, injections, tablets, biochemical products, pharmaceutical equipment cleaning, etc.

Chemical industry Process Water:

Chemical circulating water, chemical product manufacturing, etc.

Power industry

Boiler make-up water, thermal power boiler, medium and low-pressure boiler power system

Water for food industry

Drinking purified water, beverages, beer, liquor, health products, etc.

Seawater, brackish water desalination

Islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water areas

Public drinking pure water

Real estate, property, community, enterprises, etc.

Ultrasonic cleaning water

Computer accessories, special materials, precision machinery, etc. require high cleanliness ultrasonic cleaning line

Electroplating industry water

Clean the workpiece with water, bath water

Other process water

Automotive, Home Appliance Coating, Coated Glass, Cosmetics, Fine Chemicals, etc.