On the morning of July 22nd, 2017, leaders of Xinji City, including Tian Yaoshen, Wang Tienren, Chen Zhenju, Li Shufeng, and Niu Junbo visited our company. All employees of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Winner Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Jianpeng expressed their warm welcome to the arrival of the leaders of Xinji City. Chairman Zhang Jianpeng briefed the leaders of Xinji City on the company's basic situation, design philosophy, production process, engineering projects, and recent developments and future development plans. Xinji City leaders watched a corporate video and toured the company's project departments and R&D department along with other offices.

Xinji leaders and his party chairman Zhang Jianpeng took a photo

The leaders of Xinji City and Mindeng had cordial and meticulous exchanges. Tian Yaozhen, the city’s leader, said at the meeting: “The image of Aspirations Company is that the company is very professional and the company is very successful from safety management to enterprise innovation. We are very proud and pleased that Xinji people can stand firm in Shanghai, a highly competitive and cosmopolitan metropolis, and reflect the serious and genuine qualities of Xinji people.The plan for the recycling of wastes made by Xinzhi to Xinji is a comprehensive plan, which is very helpful to Xinji’s next development, and hopes that the chairman of the company, Zhang Jianpeng, can lead the company. The team returned to Xinji to make a further contribution to the processing of Xinji Leather Industry and look at waste management in-depth. We hope we can cooperate successfully in order to combine green development with the Xinji leather industry.”

Chairman Zhang Jianpeng leads Xinji city leaders to visit the office

Leaders of Xinji City and Zhang Jianpeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, watched and acclaimed corporate videos

Municipal leader Tian Yaokai speaks at the meeting

After the visit, the leaders of Xinji City highly praised the development of our company. Chairman Zhang Jianpeng thanked the leaders of Xinji City for their long-term concern and support on behalf of all the staff of the company and expressed that they would work harder to innovate and enhance their business in the future. Xinji leaders are looking forward to future cooperation and development.