O&M stands for Operations & Maintenance, which is commissioned. It means that the government retains the ownership of the stock public assets, and only delegates the operational maintenance responsibility of the public assets to the social capital or the project company, and pays the social capital or the project company the entrusted operating expenses. Social capital or project company is not responsible for the PPP operation of user services.

  1. Private-sector partners operate public assets within a specified period of time under a contract. Public partners retain ownership of assets.

  2. Applicable project type: inventory project

  3. Contract period: ≤8 years under normal circumstances.

It is suitable for the long-term maintenance and management of the sewage treatment plant, because the boundary responsibility of the sewage treatment facility is clear, and its operation and management requires an experienced professional team.

Local governments that are suitable for more economically developed regions are not in a hurry to cash in on facility investment, but are focused on improving the quality of facilities operations management and services; or when there are not enough specialized teams to deal with complex issues.

Under the entrusted operation mode, if excessive emissions or accidents causing pollution liability occur, the specialized operators will be the first responsible person, and the environmental risks and losses that they undertake may be very large. For their own benefit, specialized operators will not only comply with the law, but also supervise the environmental behaviors of the owners' enterprises in the production process.