1) Technical Principles

Membrane-enrichment, WEM membrane depth-enhancement-mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) process, which uses nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for salt concentration, followed by WEM membrane enrichment, and finally MVR reactor evaporation. The use of a multi-step membrane process to concentrate and evaporate can reduce the MVR reactor load and investment and reduce operating costs.


MVR schematic

2) Technical Advantages

Ø Membrane technology combined with salt concentration can reduce investment costs;

Ø Membrane system online automatic cleaning, strong stability;

Ø MVR evaporator achieves low temperature evaporation, reducing operating costs;

Ø The system is fully automated;

Ø Online instrumentation and big data remote management;

3) Typical Applications

Ø All types of industrial wastewater discharge, reuse or zero emissions;

Ø On-line cleaning ( CIP ) wastewater citric acid recovery;

Ø Concentration of brine in chemical, pharmaceutical and rare earth industries;

Ø Electroplating industry electrophoretic liquid recovery;

Ø Industrial brine recovery and salt crystallization;