1) Technical principles

BME membrane technology is based on the potential difference as the driving force, the use of the selective permeability of the anion and cation exchange membranes and catalytic membranes decomposition of water to produce H+ and OH-, and then the salt solution into acid and alkali solution.


2) Technical advantages

Ø Acid-base conversion of soluble salts can be achieved, and acid-base recycling can be achieved;

Ø Acid concentration up to 10%;

Ø Can automatically reverse the pole;

Ø Modular design can realize the conversion of electric drive membrane/BME membrane/diffusion dialysis;

Ø PLC touch screen, automatic control and protection;

Ø Online instrumentation and big data remote management;

3) Typical Applications

Ø Preparation of high added value organic acids and bases;

Ø Chemical, pharmaceutical, rare earth and other industries such as NaCl , Na2SO4 and NH4Cl wastewater acid and alkali resource treatment;

Ø Purification of waste acids ( HCl , H2SO4 , HNO3 , HF ) in steel, electronics, photovoltaics, metallurgy, titanium dioxide and other industries;

Ø Industrial waste brine concentration treatment