1) Technical principles

The internal structure design of the reaction tower and anaerobic technology are combined to form a high-load CODCr anaerobic treatment technology, and microbial fermentation is used to achieve the conversion of organic matter into biogas.

2) Technical advantages

Ø High CODCr load (including high TSS and grease), 3-7kg COD/m3/d

Ø It is equipped with advanced dissolved air flotation and pipeline flocculation device to ensure stable operation of the device.

Ø Built-in heat exchange device maintains system temperature;

Ø No preprocessing steps required;

Ø No contact with air, can maximize the preservation of biomass, improve biogas production;

Ø Continuous operation, automatic operation, easy to manage;

3) Typical Applications

Ø Dairy products industry

Ø Chocolate industry

Ø Ice cream industry

Ø Food and beverage industry

Ø Chemical industry